Donate a Plant?

The Eclipse Garden Group members want to thank all you residents for your good wishes and encouragement over the last weeks. You’ve really made us feel appreciated and we’re eager to do more. Several residents have donated plants and several more have asked us what we need in the garden so that they can donate too! For those of you who are interested, here’s a list of plants that would really help us fill in the areas where plants died. This list is only for residents who would like to donate.

  1. Children’s Garden donation: If your child would like to be involved, please purchase a miniature rose in any colour your child chooses. Put your child’s first name only, on the pot. A little sign with his or her name will be next to the rose. Miniature roses are available from any garden store and many grocery stores, as well. The Childrens’ Garden is located next to the round sitting garden.
  2. Replacement Shrubs: Many of our plants died last winter. One of these choices will help replace them with a stronger plant.

    PIERIS JAPONICA: price $6.98 per 1 gal. pot at Home Depot
    BARBERRY: $14.98 per 1 gal. pot at Home Depot
    HYDRANGEA: $12.98 per 1 gal. pot at Home Depot


  3. Small Pot Perennials:
    Lilies – any type, any colours
    Mini roses: adults are very welcome to donate these too
    These plants usually range from $3.98 to $5.98 per pot and are available in any garden store.
  4. Scented Garden:
  • DWARF LILAC [any colour] ROSES (full sized, heavily scented):
  • FRAGRANT CLOUD, ( coral-coloured)
  • ROSEMARY HARKNESS (peach -coloured) c) GERTRUDE JEKYLL (pink)

These are not found at Home Depot, but you’ll probably find them at Gardenworks, David Hunter Nursery, or Harris Nursery. They are probably around the $30.00 range.

If you’re interested, please email us at

Or, contact us by filling us this form. We will have someone contact you!