Welcome to the Eclipse Garden Group!

This is for Eclipse residents who like to garden. We would also love to share our gardening process and what we have done to beautify our community garden. This group started April 2017 and would love anyone who has zero experience or tons of experience to join us!

If you would like to garden or learn how to garden, please join us! For more information, please contact Ann at gardening.eclipse@gmail.com.

Happy Gardening!


Current News

Don’t know what kind of plants to donate. Check out the list by clicking here.
We are still open for group members to join our Eclipse Garden Group (EGG).


  • Herb Garden (6/15/2018) - A community herb garden is happening! Everyone can pick your favourite herbs for your cooking around July! They need to get a bit bigger!  
  • Eclipse Kids Group – Sunflower Contest 2018 (6/7/2018) - This year there is a fun contest for the Eclipse Children! 16 children participated. They all picked and planted their own sunflower seeds. Now, we just wait for them to grow! The Sunflower Contestants: